Albert Finley-Ross

Distinguished looking man with gray hair.


Albert Finley-Ross was born in Plymouth England in 1869 to Franklin Ross and Agatha Finley. His parents moved to Plymouth Massachusetts when Albert was 5 because of his father’s job as a publisher. His mother spent her time painting and sculpting. They both came to love their new home and Albert was raised surrounded by books, painting and a loving family.

When he was 10 Albert got his first book on stage magic which started his lifetime love of illusion and magic tricks. It also lead to him being an early detractor of Psychics and mediums. He would often go to one such person watch their performance and then point out where they got trick and how they could improve on it.

He went to Harvard University for two years, and then to Miskatonic U. for two more, studying Archaeology, Anthropology and Art. He went abroad for ten years studying French, Greek and Chinese before returning to Arkham to open an antique shop called Arkham Antiques.

Since returning to Arkham he has started a “club” call The Cabalistic Order of the Crescent Moon. Started with a gennerous donation by a one time school chum Roger Carlyle, Albert has been hosting this club in the basement rooms of his antiques shop for several years.

The club usually meets one or two times a week to discuss current scientific, artistic or occult events.


Albert Finley-Ross