….You will all fall screaming into chaos and death.




and welcome to the Cabalistic Order of the Crescent Moon.  I am your host Albert Finley-Ross. Please come in and let me show you around for a bit. Watch your head as you come though the "secret door" from the main antique shop, it is a bit tight for some of our guests, but I wanted a bit of flavor when I started all this and simply could not refuse a door behind a bookcase! ( Coughs to curb some of his excitement)

The Cabalistic Order of the Crescent Moon is a moderately successful club that some friends and I started three years ago so people who  are interested in the occult, the sciences, and/or the arts could meet and discuss all things related to these interesting fields of study and try to make sense of the world around us. We also wanted a place that like minded individuals who wanted to go see some of these marvels and mysteries could gather and plan excursions.
Yes I own the building and that is my antique shop above us. We officially meet on the first and third Wednesday evening and Saturday afternoons of every month but there are usually people here most any day planning trips or reading.The world never sleeps and I do not think some of our members do either. (Soft Laughter) 

Well this is the main room. The bookshelves contain books on natural history, philosophy, history, art, archeology, anthropology, theology, languages, and of course the occult. We are quit proud of our library. Much of it was purchased by a generous donation by one of the original founders of the club, Roger Carlyle. Our occult section  does not compare to the library at the university but I dare say it is the second largest here in Arkham. 

As you can see there is direct access from the street through that door over there and you will be given a key to the door once you buy your membership. Beside reading this room is also used for guest speakers. For example we had a local artist by the name of Upton Pickman come in two months ago and demonstrate some of his painting techniques. We usually try to have two or three guest speakers a year come in. These events are all  well attended and are covered in your membership dues. 

Yes the club is open to both sexes equally. If you have an issue with this I suggest you try a different club or keep your thoughts to yourself. Drinking alcohol that was bought somewhere else is not allowed, but members can partake of the spirits that were bought by the club before prohibition started. We also have a rabbi and a priest as members that can administer sacramental wines.

Yes we do have a bathroom down here for the comfort of our members as well as two rooms for members to sleep if the need arises. We do keep locks on the door and reserve the right to lock them if the need arises. Your membership also covers the cost of a physician should you find that you need one while here at the club.

Well thank you for coming and I hope you enjoyed the brief tour.  I hope you decide to join us we are always looking for new faces. We are very active and encourage you to participate in some of the excursions we go on. We currently have Roger Carlyle on extended digs in Egypt and Kenya and we have a group planning an excursion  up to Canada to check out some rumors of werewolves if you can believe it. We also have a third group planning to go  down to Louisiana to check out some rumors of a strange cult in the swamps down there.

Here let me show you out. Have a nice day!


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